Welcome to EARphoria! We love audio books and that’s what we review. Who wouldn’t want to listen to someone with an amazing read voice read a book for them? We have pretty eclectic tastes between the five of us, so hopefully you’ll find something that’s just right for you.

Here’s a little about the blog authors:

Laura Ashlee is the founder and administrator of EARphoria. She been listening to audiobooks since she was a wee thing (gotta love those Disney books-on-tape). She is 24 years old  and hails from small town Alabama. She has a BM in Vocal Performance. She currently works at Robins & Morton, a general contractor that specializes in healthcare. She plans to go to grad school for Library and Information Studies, and hopes to one day be the librarian at a high school. Laura loves all kinds of romance: contemporary, paranormal, young adult, and sometimes erotic. She sometimes listen to nonfiction, as well. She has another book blog dedicated to print and e-books here.

John is perhaps bit older than some of the blog authors here — he started with audiobooks back when it was an all-cassette scene. Audible came along after a while, with each part of a book taking over an hour download using a dial-up connection. Being rather nerdy, he reads a lot of non-fiction, though he likes mystery and YA as well; mainstream (literary) fiction not as much. He travels a fair amount, so he likes hearing about other’ impression of the world out there. When not reading, he’s involved with boring money stuff. John is one of the moderators of the Audiobooks group at Goodreads.

Tracey is 51 years old, married with two grown sons. She and her husband live on the Far North Coast of NSW, Australia. She is a Horticulturist by trade and worked in the industry for about twenty years. She became an Austswim Teacher about six years ago and now conducts private swimming lessons for children. She started reading audiobooks about two years ago when her oldest son moved to the city and used audiobooks to pass the time during his commute to work. He gave her a couple to try and she was instantly addicted! She has always been “a reader” but she loves the convenience and flexibility of audio. She listens at least 4 hours a day, longer during her winter break from work..

Jami is a teen services librarian for the Pierce County Library System. She listens to audiobooks in her car on her way to branches, school visit, ans community events. She can normally listen to one book a week depending on their length.

Do you love audiobooks? Then, join us! There’s always room for more just shoot an email to lauraashlee@gmail.com and we’ll get you set up.


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