The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

Title: The Eye of the World
Author: Robert Jordan
Narrators: Michael Kramer & Kate Reading
Series: Wheel of Time #1
Publisher: Macmillan Audio
Release Date: 1996
Length: 29 hours, 32 minutes
Format: Unabridged Digital Audiobook
Genres: Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure
Source: Purchased
Purchase: Audio CD | Digital Audiobook
Rating: 5/5

When their village is attacked by trollocs, monsters thought to be only legends, three young men, Rand, Matt, and Perrin, flee in the company of the Lady Moiraine, a sinister visitor of unsuspected powers. Thus begins an epic adventure set in a world of wonders and horror, where what was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

The Eye of the World is the first book in the Wheel of Time Series. The author, sadly, passed away before completing the last book and the series will be completed with the publication of Book 14 (due 2012) written by Brandon Sanderson.

Reading a series of this magnitude is a real commitment as each book is approximately 30 hrs long. Multiply that by 14 books and I think you get the idea. I’ve seen reviews that compare it to other Science Fantasy epics such as “Lord of the Rings” and “A Song of Ice and Fire” both of which I have read and loved, but THIS world is bigger, the characters are deeper and there are many, many, more of them.

The Eye of the World is just the beginning. As book one, it focuses on telling us all we need to know about the main characters. Who they are, where they are and their experiences to date. Then, the world as they know is changed forever – the scary tales from their childhood, only half believed with the passing of time, turn out to be more than stories. What would you do if you were told at age 18, that you had to leave your family, your village, your life or they will all be killed? What would do if you were suddenly told you were born to change the world – to fulfil an eons old prophecy and unite a world you have little knowledge or experience of? And so it begins…..

I think the main reason this book so appeals to me, is that it explores the need (in most people) to be more than we are. I was hooked after reading the first paragraph and knew I would see this story to the end. The narrators are wonderful and give the story an edge I have not previously experienced. Swapping narration throughout the book between the male and female reader, gives the listener a different experience to a solo narrator. It changes the pace and often alerts the reader to a new POV (point of view). Very clever.

I loved this book and couldn’t wait to start the next one. If you like a long, complicated plot with lots of characters and details, I highly recommend this book.



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